Tesla’s new Model 3 is rumored to feature new CATL M3P LFP cells for longer range

Tesla’s upcoming new refreshed Model 3 is rumored to feature CATL’s new M3P LFP cells, which should result in a longer range.

For almost a year now, we have been talking about Tesla working on a refresh of its Model 3 electric sedan.

Much of the talk around the refresh has been focused on the design, but Tesla is expected to make some updates under the hood.

Now a new report coming from Asia tech media 36 kr claims that we now know that it will feature new battery cells.

The publication claims Tesla will use CATL’s new M3P cell to create a new 66 kWh battery pack (translated):

36 Krypton learned from a number of people familiar with the matter that Tesla ’s domestically-made Model 3 facelift will continue to upgrade the battery pack, especially the power of the basic rear-wheel drive version will be upgraded from 60kWh to 66kWh, using Ningde era M3P new lithium iron phosphate battery.

This new battery cell from CATL is believed to push LFP energy density higher while reducing costs.

It should enable a ~6 kWh bump in the total energy inside Tesla’s based battery pack, which should result in a longer range.

We reported last year that CATL was bringing the new M3P cell to volume production in 2023 for deliveries to customers.

CATL has become one of Tesla’s main battery manufacturers in recent years, especially for vehicles produced at Gigafactory Shanghai.

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