Tesla’s new Model 3 Long Range AWD gets 333-mile EPA range

Tesla’s new and reintroduced Model 3 Long Range AWD has received an EPA-estimated range of 333 miles.

For almost a year, Tesla stopped selling its Model 3 Long Range AWD in the US.

CEO Elon Musk claimed that it was due to demand being too high for the vehicle, which might have been true last year, but it was hard to believe in 2023.

Tesla started to retake orders for the vehicle earlier this month for deliveries later this year.

At the time, Tesla was talking about an estimated range of “325+ miles” on a single charge.

The automaker has now updated its online configurator to confirm an EPA-rated range of 333 miles:

It is a little higher than initially estimated, but it is still significantly down from the original Model 3 LR AWD, which had 358 miles of range.

As we previously reported, it looks likely that the new Model 3 LR AWD is equipped with LFP cells from China.

The vehicle only gets half of the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles, which means that the batteries are not coming from North America. The lower range could also be an indicator of LFP chemistry, which has a lower energy density than nickel-based batteries.

Tesla is now listing deliveries in June for the new Model 3 LR AWD.

It’s also unclear how the new refreshed version of the Model 3 plays into the return of this popular version of the electric sedan.

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