The demand for used electric cars is increasing rapidly

Not only is there a growing interest in shopping used vehicleBut electrical section He does it in spades. As time goes on, there are more and more electric models and this increases the list of available models, but also adjusts their price and makes them increasingly attractive as a pre-owned vehicle option.

Therefore, of course, it is already a fact that used electric cars They are an increasingly sought-after option considering the drop in prices. At this point, leasing companies that put their vehicles up for sale, such as ALD Carmarket, are your best option to buy them with safety and guarantees.

Old Market, an increasingly attractive alternative

Because of the excellent correlation between the quality of the vehicle and the price at which it is marketed, second-hand vehicles are one of the most interesting options for those thinking of making the jump to electric cars, who may be interested in those models. Will be able to select which will probably run. out of budget. If they bought them brand new. The truth is that there is a huge increase in prices between 2021 and 2022, something that has made more and more people decide to opt for second-hand vehicles.

Used cars are already experiencing a price adjustment, which is driving up demand. To give an example, one of the most sought-after cars, the Tesla Model 3, has seen its average selling price in the used segment come close to €47,000, compared to the one marked up in just a few months. has 12% less.

Tesla Model 3 Configurator

tesla model 3 configurator with previous price

This is partly thanks to the assistance programs that individual states are developing, no doubt resulting in excess supply in the used market as many users look to replace their old electric car. have taken advantage of this assistance. Pre owned with latest features.

Moreover, this trend has brought down the prices of its range drastically and has prompted more and more users to resort to these models, as the prices of used vehicles are adjusting and they are becoming an affordable option for many. are becoming more and more.

Forecast for the second half of 2023

Without a doubt, what is clear is that the downward trend in prices in used electric cars is a reality that will be seen throughout this year, peaking in the second half of 2023. In this way, with this re-adjustment of market prices, does it correct sales figures, in line with recent years and escalate the price war between brands, promoted by Tesla’s movements and as We’ve mentioned earlier, with the help of refurbished cars that have increased the offer within the second-hand market.

Half Yearly Sales 2021 2022

One of the factors that make this possible is the excellent relationship between the quality of these vehicles and the price, which is much lower than that of new cars.

Furthermore, thanks to changes in legislation taking place in different countries regarding aid programs, the fact is that this trend is consolidating in different countries.

Precisely the competitive prices and the help available to buy this type of car have made buying a used electric car an interesting option for many people. In Spain, this is the case of the Movés III scheme through which assistance is offered which can be up to 7,000 euros and in the case of passenger cars up to 4,500 euros or €7,000, aimed at cars with ECO or zero stickers, that of which are electric cars.

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