The Emerald Fold eBike: A True Standout in Folding eBike [Video]

The Emerald Fold eBike is a user friendly, thoughtfully composed bike, with premium components at a stellar price. With an easily accessible battery, a solid foundation on the wheels, and an easy to use platform, it’s easy to see why they’re axious to get the word out. We got hands on at Electrek for a sponsored look at the Emerald Fold.

The Emerald solves a problem we all just accepted: unfolding an eBike just to get access to the battery. Without having to break apart the bike, the battery ease adds a great deal of security, convenience, and safety right from the start. And when it comes to battery quality, the Emerald Fold doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with a 48v 10.4 ah Samsung battery, certified with UL 1642, you can trust in its performance.

Let’s talk about its folding capability, which is truly impressive. The Emerald Fold folds up compactly, making it incredibly convenient to store. With a simple set of levers, you can effortlessly fold the frame, pedals, and handlebars, ensuring it can fit into tight spaces without the need for disassembly. It’s a breeze to maneuver and store, making it perfect for those on the go.

When it comes to shifting gears, the Emerald Fold doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with a 7-speed Shimano derailer, changing gears is a breeze. The integrated up and down shifter, combined with an indicator window, ensures smooth and precise shifting. And the Wellgo folding platform pedals provide excellent grip, even when riding at high speeds or challenging terrains.

The Emerald Fold‘s hidden power is the XIONGFENG 750w peak geared motor, which is seamlessly integrated into its magnesium wheels. This design choice not only keeps the motor discreet but also offers superior durability. The three-spoke solid wheels require no truing or maintenance and can handle heavier loads with ease. The Emerald Fold offers stability and a smooth ride, reaching a top speed of 20mph. And if you prefer some pedal assist, you’ll be pleased to know that it offers an impressive range of up to 55 miles.

Carrying the load with ease, the Emerald Fold is equipped with street-ready Compass fat tires featuring stylish brown sidewalls. These semi-slick tires offer puncture resistance and a classic look, perfectly complementing the adventurous spirit of this bike. With its 5-year limited warranty, the Emerald Fold demonstrates its reliability and durability, allowing you to enjoy many miles of worry-free riding.

Comfort is key, and the Emerald Fold delivers on that front as well. The plush Justek saddle offers a wide footprint and ample foam padding, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride every time. Paired with genuine leather grips that provide a comfortable and secure hold, and the Promax height-adjustable stem, this bike guarantees a customized fit for riders of all sizes. The Promax headset ensures smooth and predictable steering, making every corner a joy to navigate.

Let’s not forget the impressive display on the Emerald Fold. The Yonglin 5-color display is easy to read and conveniently provides all the essential information you need. With compact controls integrated into the unit itself, you can easily adjust the various levels of pedal assist. And with the Star Union thumb throttle, accessing the motor’s power is as simple as a flick of your thumb. Whether you need that extra boost to overcome tough spots or gain momentum at a stoplight, the Emerald Fold delivers power on demand.

In summary, the Emerald Fold eBike is an exceptional electric folding bike that seamlessly blends style, functionality, and performance. With its user-friendly design and purpose-driven upgrades, this bike offers an incredible riding experience at a competitive price point.

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