This $13K limited-run electric city car sold out in 10 hours

You couldn’t miss the new limited-edition Citroën My Ami Buggy if it passed by you in the streets. Although it’s small in size, the electric city car has a bold off-road-inspired design. And for just over $13K, the limited-run electric My Ami Buggy sold out in 10 hours.

Citroën’s $13K electric city car sold out in 10 hours

Based on Citroën’s 2.41 meter-long (7.9 foot-long) Ami electric car, the off-road-inspired My Ami Buggy concept was initially revealed in December 2021.

After an “extremely positive” response, Citroën brought the concept to life last summer. The automaker released a limited edition My Ami Buggy model that went on sale in France, featuring a Khaki body color and special gold wheels.

The initial run of 50 units sold out in under 18 minutes as buyers looked to get their hands on the lean green electric machine.

The feedback led Citroën to release a new version of the My Ami Buggy that went on sale in 10 countries, including the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Luxembourg, Morocco, and Turkey. The new limited-run electric city car was unveiled in May with a starting price of around $13K (£10,495).

Citroën My Ami Buggy (Source: Stellantis)

Using a 5.4 kWh battery and 8hp motor, the ultracompact EV can drive up to 46 miles, with a top speed of 28 mph.

Like the first production model released in France, the global version features a khaki color that gives an outdoorsy feel, black protective trim, and gold rims to accent the dark body colors.

Citroën’s $13K electric city car has no doors or windows with an open-air concept that gives “a real sense of freedom.” However, the EV does include removable plastic covers and a waterproof fabric roof that can easily be rolled out if needed.

After launching online sales on June 20, Citroën says all 800 units were sold in 10 hours. The automaker said Belgium stood out, with all 65 models for the nation selling out in less than nine minutes. France had 300 My Ami Buggies sales in one hour, while Spain recorded the fastest order in just over a minute.

Citroën claims over 20,000 people visited the selling site after launching. Meanwhile, deliveries of the new My Ami Buggy will begin in September.

For those that missed the offer, Citroën still offers its purely electric city car, the AMI, starting at around $10K (£8,095).

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