VinFast will pay buyers if they encounter issues with their EVs

EV maker VinFast is introducing a new program starting Thursday that includes compensation if buyers encounter issues with their vehicles. VinFast says it will pay owners based on the severity of the problem.

Despite quick work in bringing its electric vehicles to the US, VinFast has struggled to expand its brand in the region so far.

The Vietnamese EV maker shipped its first batch of VF 8 electric models to the US in November, arriving at the Port of Benicia in California 26 days later on December 20, 2022.

After delaying the first customer deliveries in the US over software issues, VinFast began deliveries in March.

Initial reviews of VinFast’s first electric SUV to arrive in the US were less-than-stellar, to put it nicely. As my colleague at ElectrekScooter Doll – who was among the first to drive the limited VF 8 City Edition Plus model – put it, VinFast is “off to a good start,” but there’s room for improvement (you can read his full review here).

VinFast VF 8 City Edition (Source: VinFast)

In particular, with the software. The electric SUV had “blatant bugs in the system” which led to the US National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) to issue an alert stating “a software error may cause the multifunction head unit (MHU) display to go blank.”

Software issues can be an easy fix and VinFast rolled out an over-the-air (OTA) update to correct the glitch on May 25.

VinFast VF8 City Edition (Source: VinFast)

VinFast to pay buyers over EV problems

VinFast launched an interesting new global program this week wherer they will pay EV buyers over issues they may encounter.

The “Special Aftersales Policy” program is a limited time offering where VinFast customers may be eligble for cash or a service voucher over vehicle issues. The company breaks the issues into three classifications.

  • Type 1 issues that do not impact the use of the vehicle: Customers are eligible to receive $100 compensation for each Type 1 issue encountered.
  • Type 2 issues that do impact vehicle use: Vinfast will pay eligible customers $300 for each Type 2 problem in addition to providing roadside assistance.
  • Type 3 issues tha require a repair of over three days: From the fourth day onward, customers are eligible to recive $100 for every day the car is being serviced.

The company says if Type 1 and Type 2 issues happen at the same time, support will cover both. If a Type 3 also occurs, customers are elibigible for Type 3 support.

VinFast will determine the type of issue and support will be in the form of aftersales service vouchers or cash (via bank deposit or check).

VinFast the program does not cover issues related to hardware or scheduled software updates, accident, vehicle damage caused by the customer, not using the vehicle in accordance to the manufacturers instructions, or issues that VinFast cannot reproduce.

The Special Aftersales Policy goes into effect June 15, 2023 in the US, Canada, and Vietnam for a limited time. VinFast says the policy will begin in Europe when the first models are officially delivered.

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