VW ID 2 All, el coche del pueblo

Volkswagen will bring out id 2 allid Saga’s electric with which Teuton intends to (finally) build the people’s car of the 21st century.

id 2 all front sideThe Wolfsburg-based company wants to release this compact in 2025being done First of 10 models to be launched in the year between 2025 and 2026For By 2030, 80% of models are expected to be 100% electric.
The E-Golf followed the path set by the E-Up and all its predecessors in ID nomenclature (ID 3, ID 4, ID 5 and ID Buzz). The id 2 will all come to occupy the gap left by the polo, as the id 3 will come to replace the golf, in fact they have said that this new id will become an affordable car like the polo and spacious like the golf.

Since we’re talking about measurements, it will measure urban 4 m long, 1.50 m high and 1.80 widethere will be a 2.6 meter wheelbase. will ride 20″ wheels Will be from Front-wheel Drive and will be assembled at the current seat factory in Martorell Platform MEB Access With which Volkswagen intends to reduce costs and achieve popular prices.

Platform Volkswagen ID.  2all MEB entry

Platform Volkswagen ID. 2all MEB entry

trunk can hold 490 liters of cargo, 1330 l if we fold the rear seats, Under the back seats we have a hole where we can store things, like cables; The interior as designed suggests that this ID will not have brother earth (Funk, o sea, trunk in front).

Trunk Volkswagen ID.  2all

Trunk Volkswagen ID. 2all

in the car we will find physical buttonsThis inclusion is due to customer feedback and they have indicated to the brand that they prefer more physical buttons. they are at the bottom of the central screenGrass wheels on wheels To select sections in the menu and One wheel in the center console To manage the menu, it actually looks like it has an LED in its center with the icons visible.

Consola Central ID.2all

Consola Central ID.2all

The vehicle presentation featured a sleek and dynamic graphical interface Will the software and hardware have changed? We’ll have to wait until 2025 to find out.

In the presentation model it was seen that there were led lights insideseats and interior will be made of Recycled and recycled synthetic materials. they say that there will be a demo versionSo it is natural that this variant will have other finishes and hence cost more.

vw id 2 all steering wheel screen

vw id 2 all steering wheel and screen

it will be id 2 all mount engine 166 kW (222.61 CV), a power that could allow this compact to accelerate 0-100 km/h in less than 7 seconds, announce that there will be a Maximum speed 160 km / h.

this electric will have a Autonomy of 450 km in the WLTP cycle why Can charge up to 125 kW in any css combo loader that they say will allow Charges from 10% to 80% in less than 20 minutes.

id 2 all front seats

Importantly, what do you expect, the price, as they advertise it It will cost 25000€ or less Will they make it? Will Tesla get it first or maybe a Chinese model? MG with its MG4 is already under €30,000, in fact in the Canary Islands it is already sold for over €25,000 in its most basic version with LFP battery.

Which model do you think will become the people’s car? Give us your impressions in the comment box.

Bonus: We Share a Video of It edward arches where it shows more details:

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