X-OTO electric moped leans on 3 wheels, no moto license needed

There’s a new ride in town, and it’s got three wheels. Oh, and it also leans. It’s the X-OTO, and this electric scooter is already zipping around in the US.

The three-wheeler uses a patented system to lean the scooter up to 45 degrees, giving the stability of three wheels and the carving operation of a two-wheeler leaning into turns.

The self-stabilizing mechanism is said to make it easier for new riders. And since it doesn’t require a motorcycle license in the company’s home state of California due to having three wheels, it’s likely to see a number of beginner riders. Other state laws may vary though, so you should check to see if your state will allow its operation with just a standard car driver’s license like California.

x-oto electric moped

A key aspect of the X-OTO’s leaning design is safety, explained the company’s founder Tim Huntzinger:

It is a totally different riding experience. The mechanism gives stability in a turn even at lower speed. This means you can lean at the full range no matter what your skill level. Riding X- OTO feels different. It’s safer than a motorcycle and easier to ride, so it removes the barriers that hold a lot of people back. It’s easier to carry a passenger or cargo than an e-bike so it should be more useful for most people. In many states, you don’t even need a motorcycle license to ride it.

The X-OTO is powered by a 4,000W front hub motor. Such front hub motors are rarely seen in the electric scooter industry, but it’s a design that is necessitated by the three-wheeled leaning setup.

A top speed of 45 mph (72 km/h) puts this electric scooter largely in urban territory where it’s likely to find use as a commuter scooter.

The pair of removable batteries offers a total of 4.3 kWh of capacity, which is enough for around 90 miles of range (145 km) at modest speeds. Faster operation will likely drain the batteries more quickly. The batteries can be removed for charging off the scooter, which will be helpful for apartment dwellers who don’t have access to street-level or garage charging.

With the Founder’s Edition priced at $7,499, the X-OTO is a bit pricier than most other electric scooters in its performance category. But it also does something the others can’t: lean into those turns for added safety and stability.

The X-OTO is beginning deliveries this summer, so you won’t have to wait long if you want to get your lean on.

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